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Have your printed matter delivered or collected?

Easy to pick up or have it delivered in & around the city. Fast delivery by the Image Building cycling team is no exception. Whether you live in Antwerp, Aartselaar, Berchem, Borgerhout, Brasschaat, Deurne, Edegem, Ekeren, Hoboken, Merksem, Mortsel, Kapellen, Kalmthout, Kontich, Stabroek, Schoten, Schilde, Wijnegem, Wilrijk, Wommelgem or Zandvliet: Our fastest cyclists deliver your printed matter right up to your doorstep.

Service, Speed, Creativity, Quality and Sustainability are the assets of us, your local printer.

What is the estimated delivery time?

Delivery time at Ib depends on the specific printing technique.

But our customer can always choose between three different speeds with the corresponding budget:

7 working days
2 working days
Same day
Now - Sito Presto

We can even deliver in less than four hours if you need your print today. We would change up our arranged schedule for you and all hands on deck to help YOU through the storm with our Rescue Service. Or if needed we can even print NOW through our SITO PRESTO Service, we solve every problem for you!

And with IB you can be sure, we always keep our word because deadlines are sacred.

How do I deliver files for digital printing?

Submit files, saved as high resolution PDF.

  1. The format of the file is identical to that stated on our price offer.With a bleed print (print up to the edge of the paper) you must provide 3 mm bleed (on top of your final format).
  2. To prevent cut text (when cutting cleanly), all text should be at least 5 mm from the edge of the page.
  3. If photos are in your file: provide your images with 300 dpi in real size, as color profile choose CMYK.
  4. Please no crop marks or pressure marks .
  5. If frame use: please make the frame min. 4 mm thick along each side, otherwise the 4 frame sides may be uneven after finishing.
  6. If a booklet: number of pages in a booklet must always be divisible by 4, to be delivered in
    separate pages in logical order, our software takes care of the imposition.

How do I deliver files for large format printing?

Paper Type:
PDF X-1A 2001 Compatibility with Acrobat 1.3 
(other extensions such as: JPEG, TIFF, .. are also accepted if necessary, but then the customer is fully responsible for any errors/additional costs that may arise).

Document mode:
CMYK with the ISO Coated V2 (ECI) profile or RGB with the Adobe RGB 98 . profile

Spot colours:
If the document contains spot colors, please ensure that the samples used can actually be approached in the CMYK printing process (metallic gold and fluo yellow are therefore printed as beige and normal yellow. This automatic conversion is the responsibility of the customer). RAL colors are paint names that are not related to the CMYK printing process, which can cause clear deviations.

The texts used in each document must be converted into outlines/letter outlines. The smallest text size that is legible measures 6 points.

Smaller than B1 format must be supplied in 300dpi with the exception of vectorial content. From B1 format to A0 format must be supplied in 150dpi with the exception of vectorial content. All resolution recommendations are based on a full size file. If the customer deviates from this, all subsequent errors and/or quality problems are the customer's full responsibility.

All files must be supplied in full size and in the correct proportion. If the image is larger than 5 meters on the long side and the customer does not have a normalized PDF, it may be supplied to scale. One should pay attention that the dpis are increased proportionally with the scaling of the total file. Please note that the size of the trim box is the size on which the price is calculated.

Bleeds and signs:
All files must have 3mm bleed on all sides of the image and crop marks indicating the trim box and clipping at least 2.5mm from the trim box. This means that the bleed box is 6mm larger than the trim box (3mm on each side).

Cutting and milling:
Clean cutting of files is done on the indicated trim box. If no trim box is present in the pdf, then 3mm is mirrored around and cut out. When supplying bitmaps, 3mm is cut inwards (final format is as indicated)

To indicate contours which need to be cut/milled, it is important that the PDF contains a vectorial
line with the corresponding spot color in a separate layer.

Contour cutting ->”Pantone color with the name CutContour”: Indication where the contour line of
an image is located in overprint (this line is respected integrally)

Special attention:
If the vector content of a file the color is printed as it is, so it is printed without color management.
This is important because so there is no interference from the other printing colours, if you want to reproduce cyan or yellow in an image.

It is important to know that if you want opaque black, the color must be built up as follows: C: 30% M: 30% Y: 30% K: 100%

Our RIP software works with an APPE license which allows PDFs to be rendered correctly, this also means that if the customer uses overprints in the files they will also be printed as such and therefore these and other effects contained in the file are the complete customer responsibility.

To check whether the overprint is correct, you can change the preferences in acrobat pdf reader so
that overprint is always visible.

How do I deliver files for foil printing?

  1. First, create a file that consists of four pages. The first and second pages are for your design, the third and fourth to indicate where you want the foil. Page three is for applying cold foil to the front of your design, page four for the back.
  2. Once you've formatted the page where you'd like the foil to be, select the elements that you want the foil to edit. 
  3. Copy that element and place it in the same position in a new page in the same file. Page 3 for the application on the front cover. Page 4 if your elements are on the back.
  4. You save the elements on which the foil is applied on page 1 and 2.
  5. The elements on pages 3 and 4 give you the value 100% black.
  6. Put all text in outline.
  7. Now turn the Indesign document into a PDF file (x-1a:2001, with 3mm bleed).

How do I deliver files for CUT/CONTOUR printing?

To indicate contours which need to be cut/milled, it is important that the PDF contains a vectorial line with the corresponding spot color in a separate layer.

Contour cutting ->”Pantone color with the name CutContour”: Indication where the contour line of
an image is located in overprint (this line is respected integrally).

How do I deliver files for lasercutting?

  1. The document must be able to be “printed” on the computer connected to the laser
  2. The colors are set to RGB
  3. Cutting lines must be a vector
  4. Cutting lines must have the exact RGB color as defined in Jobcontrol
  5. Cutting lines should not be thicker than 0.05mm

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